What can MDLink doctors treat?

Our MDLink physicians are able to safely diagnose and treat most common illnesses without a hands-on examination including abrasions, acne, allergies, bacterial vaginosis, bites and stings, body aches, bronchitis, bruises, cold, cough, dehydration, diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, eye infection (pinkeye), fever, flu, headaches and migraines, hives, insomnia, itchy eyes, lice, medication refills, mild lacerations, nasal congestion, nausea, rashes, respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections, sinus infections, skin infections, sore throat, sprains and strains, travel medications, urinary tract infections, vomiting, yeast infections, and many more.

Do I have to pay to use MDLink?

Yes. While it is free to download and create an account, the MDLink platform charges for online consultations as a means of compensating the physicians for their time and expertise.

MDLink is a technology platform, offering a new service that provides a time-saving convenience to patients – making their busy lives easier.

Is MDLink billable under medical insurance?

No, we offer a cost-effective online healthcare service, MDLink is not yet covered by medical insurance health plans.

Is online healthcare safe?

Yes. Online healthcare is also known as telemedicine. Telemedicine is deemed safe and effective and it’s changing the way in which healthcare is accessed. Physicians all around the world are successfully treating patients remotely through the use of internet and technology. All the conditions that we treat have been proven to be safely managed without a hands-on examination. Such conditions include eye infections, skin conditions, cold & flu, urine infection and many more. More than 90% of patients say they are satisfied with the convenience and efficiency of telemedicine, and would use it again.

Is my health information safe on MDLink?

Absolutely. Your health information is personal and therefore protected by our state of the art online privacy systems. We see it as our duty to protect your data with our modern security infrastructure and strict data policies, ensuring your information stays secure and private. The entire MDLink platform, inclusive of website and app, adheres to stringent online security policies, especially with regards to health information. We also ensure that you are always connected with a licensed and registered healthcare professional in your country.

How can MDLink treat a patient without a hands-on examination?

All the conditions that MDLink treats online have been previously tested and proven to be successfully treatable via telemedicine consultations. MDLink physicians also direct their patients through a self-examination during the consultation, if deemed necessary.

Does MDLink treat any condition?

MDLink treats 90% of cases seen in an urgent care setting. MDLink does not treat emergencies. If you believe you are having an emergency, please dial 119 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

Our physicians also do not prescribe narcotics or other controlled/ dangerous drugs.

How do I get my prescription/medication?

Upon completion of your online medical consultation, your doctor may choose to issue a prescription for treatment of your diagnosis/ condition. You would have previously selected your pharmacy of choice when booking your appointment. We will notify you by e-mail when your prescription is ready for pickup.

Prescriptions are electronically transmitted to a pharmacist by one of our registered medical practitioners. [Regulation 20(2)(c) of the Pharmacy Regulations of Jamaica 1975]

Can I request a specific doctor on MDLink?

Yes. Your doctor must first be registered with MDLink. The MDLink platform allows you to request a doctor of your preference, however you will have to schedule your appointment during your doctor’s available days/hours.

For urgent consultations, we will connect you with the next available MDLink physician.

Can my child be seen as a patient on MDLink?

Yes. When booking an appointment, simply select “my child” as the patient and enter your child’s name and relevant information in the booking form.

Can I get a sick note for school or work from MDLink?

Yes. MDLink physicians can adequately decide whether you need a sick note or not using a video consultation. Sick notes will not be issued for text or audio consultations.

Can a MDLink doctor order a lab test for me?

Yes. We have partnered with several labs throughout your country allowing us to order lab tests via electronic transmission. If your physician thinks it is necessary, he/she can also order an X-ray or Ultrasound.

How long will my appointment be?

Each MDLink appointment lasts 15 minutes. The patient/ doctor can end the consultation prior to the 15minutes, once the patient is satisfied. If you need a longer/ another appointment, feel free to schedule back to back bookings.

What payment methods do you accept?

MDLink accepts all major Debit and Credit Cards, and PayPal. MDLink will advise you of your fixed cost prior to connecting with a physician.

What about emergencies?

The MDLink platform and its physicians do not see emergencies. If a patient books an appointment that appears to be an emergency situation, MDLink will decline the request and advise the patient to call 119 or seek emergency assistance at a nearby hospital.

The MDLink platform is designed to work alongside primary health care physicians to decrease the number of unnecessary clinic/ hospital visits for minor health issues.

What Operating Systems and mobile devices does MDLink support?

We currently support Android and iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets.

For Android, you must have Android 4.4 or newer to install our app.

For iOS, you must have iOS 9 or newer in order to install our app. Additionally, an iPhone 4S or a newer model iPhone must be used.

What should I do if my connection is not strong enough?

Video consultations work best with Wi-Fi connections. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, it is best to book an audio or text consultation.

What web browsers do you support?

The MDLink platform currently supports Chrome and Firefox.

Have another question?

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